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  1. Original lists of former prisoners of “Riese”, who died immediately after the war in post- camp hospitals in Sowie Mountains (hospitals Blumenau, Bahnhof Stöhr, and Kinderheim). In database marked with
  2. Sterbebuch- Standesamt Gross- Rosen- books of deceased of the Registry Office of the Gross- Rosen parish (Sterbebuch- Standesamt Gross- Rosen), from period August 1940, to 01.10.1942. Except for deaths of citizens of the village, deaths of prisoners were also noted there. In database it is marked with
  3. Todesanzeigen- death announcements issued by the headquarter of KL Gross- Rosen for the German police; and Totenschein- deaths certificates issued by the camp doctor, included in survey report of the book “Sammelakten zum Sterbenregister” of years 1940-1942. In database marked with
  4. Sterbebuch Gross- Rosen II- books of deceased of the camp’s Registry Office (Sterbebuch Gross- Rosen II), for period 01.10.1942, to 05.03.1943; and from 21.10.1943, to 10.04.1945 (some source materials from 1943 have not been found), and the list of Hungarian Jews, who died in “Riese” complex. In database it is marked with
  5. Book of receipts for crematoria services in Legnica. In database it is marked with
  6. “Leichenbuch Dörnhau”- book of deceased of the camp hospital in Dörnhau, containing deaths from 22.03 to 22.05.1945. In database it is marked with
  7. Book of commando Dörnhau hospital- daily lists of deceased in days 18.03- 10.04.1945. In database marked with
  8. Death certificate issued by the headquarter of KL Gross- Rosen, send to prisoner’s family. In database marked with
  9. Documents of executions of prisoners and war prisoners, as well as sentences of police courts martial, regarded as Sonderbehandlung (“special treatment”). In database marked with
  10. Inner camp documents, where were noted deaths of individual prisoners. In database marked with